How Off-Page SEO is helpful for Local SEO?

At Midwest Digital Design, we focus on everything, including Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is everything that is not directly on your website. This is to increase your ranking within search engines. The search engine results page is often referred to as the SERP for short. Optimizing with off-site SEO will improve your website’s authority, relevance, trustworthiness, and popularity. The main Off-Page SEO tactic is link building. When a website is linking your website properly, it is vouching for your website.

To Help You Understand How SEO Works

The best way to help you understand how basic SEO works would be to think of High School. Back in High School, it was a big popularity contest and the most popular person is on top. Now with Off-Page SEO, think of each friend as a link back to your website. The more friends, or links, the more popular you are, then the higher your Google ranking will be.

With that, also thinking about how important your appearance matters. This is also the same for your On-Page SEO. If you are not dressed for the occasion or you don’t have your proper On-Page SEO, then you will not be popular, or rank high in the SERP. But now back to more Off-Page SEO!

Why is Off-Page SEO So Important?

Google updates a lot of times a year to improve the best results for the end-user, this is why so many people use Google. Us as a consumer can trust Google to give us the results we are looking for. Google is more likely to bring you the most popular websites first.

With that said, there is a difference between good links and bad links. You want links coming from your same industry. This will help tell Google what kind of website it is. These links are usually referred to as natural links. Natural links are one of the best ways to boost your Off-Page SEO.

Social Media Marketing helps your Off-Page SEO

I mentioned it earlier about Social Media Marketing, but in this paragraph, I want to drive deeper into it. Think of social media marketing like link building. The more people that are talking about your brand or website, the more popular it is, again the higher it will rank. Google is more likely to increase the rank of an authoritative, relevance, trusted, and popular brand than any other website.

Social Media Helps Off-Page SEO
Social Media Marketing helps Off-Page SEO

How Off-Page SEO Can Help Your Local SEO Ranking

The more NAP (Name Address Phone) listed on websites, especially local websites, the more it is going to increase your Off-Page Local SEO. This will, directly and indirectly, increase your Off-Page SEO for local searches. Another factor of Off-Page SEO for your local searches is your reviews. If you have great reviews this will also increase the ranking in what’s called the Map Pack.

Sterling Heights Map Pack for Local SEO
Picture of Sterling Heights Michigan Map Pack for Law Firm

There are a lot of factors to increase your map pack, so be sure to come back to see that article, or subscribe to our newsletter! And the last tip for increasing your map pack ranking is your On-Page SEO matching the GMB. Showing Google that your consistent is an important factor in the ranking!

Guest Blogging

My last topic to cover for Off-Page SEO is guest blogging. This is very like link building, but this will give you direct traffic from their blog to your website. A very important key part of guest blogging is to find a blog that is VERY relevant to your niche or industry. This will not only increase your domain authority, but you can get traffic from the blog post as well.

There are so many ways to find blogs that you can guest blog for, so I will leave that for another post. But I will give you at least one good tip that is overlooked so much. You can Google your keyword. Yes, it is that simple. For example, if I wanted to guest blog about Off-Page SEO, then I would Google it, find a blog, and email them with this article. They will either say “Yes!” or “No”, then I would move to the next blog.

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