The Local SEO Manuscript


Everything You Need or Will Need To Know To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

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The Local SEO Strategy Manuscript Will Take You From a Beginner To A Local SEO EXPERT!

Use This Advanced Guide To Understand And Take Advantage Of Efficient Local SEO Strategies And Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) won’t work forever. Using local SEO strategies is what will make you stand out in a sea of competing agencies and businesses.
This E-book is for freelancers, agencies, and local businesses who want to learn local SEO. It is not a general guide to SEO best practices. If you have any general SEO or Google My Business questions, feel free to join and post to my group: Google My Business & Local SEO – Daily Support and Tips.  I answer all questions you may have.


These steps within the book will increase the visibility of your small businesses with a local clientele. When you use specific key phrases, local SEO practices target people who search for products and services in their local area. You can use these strategies to increase the chances of getting found by the specific people to whom you’re selling your products/services.

If you follow the local SEO strategies covered in this book, you will see results, I guarantee it. I have tested most of these strategies myself, and all chapters are a result of countless rounds of trial & error and research. This book is a compilation of what I’ve learned.

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