500 Words of SEO Optimized Content


Need SEO Optimized 100% Yoast Green Light Content?  This is perfect for optimized landing pages or blog posts as well as website content.



Need SEO Optimized Content?  100% Yoast Green Light 

Well, you have landed yourself in the right place!  I have worked with 1000’s clients for their entire On-Page Optimization.  This service is perfect for optimized landing pages or blog posts as well as website content.  However you plan to use the content is completely up to you, I will optimize it to be ready to go.  Just copy and paste, add a few images, and viola a new landing page.  It has never been so simple.

This will have Yoast Optimization 100% Green Light, once you add the images and links that are needed.  I typically shoot for a keyword density 1.5-2% unless otherwise stated.
Everything is delivered in Google Docs.

This is for 500 words, for whatever content you need.  500 words for:

-Articles for your blog
-Content for your website pages
-Homepage content
-Content for Pinterest Pins (Split the words up.)
-Foundation Link Content
-Citation Content
-Reviewing products (100 words  x 5 or however you’d like.)
-Website reviews or Company Reviews
-Tumblr Content
-Blog 2.0 Content
-Amazon Reviews
-Amazon Descriptions
-Shopify Descriptions

You get the idea, right?  This is for content and 500 words, split it up, keep it together.  I can write about many different topics and it’s all 100% original.  Everything is written by me and not any VA’s.  That’s right from the good ‘ole US.  Get search engine friendly content right here.

I have written all kinds of content from Animals, Drug Rehab, Coffee Clubs, Weight Gain, Toys, Clothing, Fertility, Offices, Factories, you name it, I have probably have written something about it.

I speak 100% US English and I am from Michigan.  So, that’s the dialect you will be receiving.  You will not receive work that makes you speak with a foreign accent when you read it.   (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love my foreign friends, just not on my websites.)

1-2 Like-Minded keywords can be placed within the content.

This will be 100% Original, just for you, content.

Have questions?  Ask!! I am happy to assist and pride myself on fast responses too.

I do run an online SEO Agency, with my own websites and Ecom stores.  So I understand all the various content different people might need.