You need a One Time SEO Package in 2020

One Time SEO Package

We offer One Time SEO Packages for all business types. The main goal of a one time SEO package is going to be doing an SEO audit of your current website. This will tell us what needs to completed, what is missing, and what is working. This will tell us how to improve your current SEO, how we can make it better, along with boost what is already working.

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Our One Time SOE Package will deliver results and increase your search ranking

With our years of experience in the field, we are very familiar with how SEO works. Our One Time SEO Package is three pieces. Step 1 will cover the deep SEO audit of your current website. Step 2 will be fixing those issues we found. And finally, step 3 will be filling the gaps that your website was missing.

STEP 1: Deep SEO Audit of your website
This deep SEO audit of your website will give us the information we need to see all the SEO information.
· Content gaps and opportunities
· Technical SEO issues
· Website structure issues
· Potential off-site problems
· User experience issues
· On-page SEO issues

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I know what your thinking… Don’t worry, we’ll handle it all.

Content gaps and opportunities
After the audit completes, we will be able to do a complete keyword research study. This will tell us which keywords you are currently ranking for, and which keywords. It will also tell us you are missing. If your competition is ranking for keywords you are missing, then we can help you do better.

Technical SEO issues
This is the heart of the SEO audit. The technical SEO part will go through the code of the website it’s self to find any SEO issues. It will check the status and speed of every page on your site, and make sure they are all getting indexed. This test will also check if there is any duplicated content. We also verify the website is mobile-friendly. There is a lot more that goes into our technical SEO, but for the sake of keeping this too long, we’ll move on.

Website structure issues
If your website does not have the correct structure, Google will not rank it as high as it could be. Having the correct structure is something a lot of websites do not have. Not only does this help Google, but it also will help the users experience.

Potential off-site problems
Sadly, it is a common occurrence that competitors will send backlinks to your website. This can drastically decrease your ranking. It can also completely remove your website from being found on Google at all.

User experience issues
The user experience is very important for conversion as well as Google. If you can not convert consumers into customers, the website is not doing you any good. If the customers cannot find something they are looking for, they will leave the site. This will increase your bounce-back rate. That will also decrease your ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as well.

On-page SEO issues
We like to break down the On-Page SEO into three categories. Content issues, individual page issues, and Google My Business On-Page SEO issues.
1. Content issues
Your website should have a single main topic, then subtopics beneath it. If you have information that has nothing to do with the main topic, it can do more harm than good. It will make it more difficult for Google to rank your website. This also has to do with the structure of the website as mentioned above. Check out our blog post here to see how we use the Silo method for multi-location website design.

2. Individual Page Issues
In this step, we cover each individual page to make sure everything is done. We will check if the content matches the main topic, the meta description is set correctly. We will also be checking each heading tag to confirm everything is as it should be.

3. Google My Business On-Page SEO
In the last step, we make sure the On-Page SEO is correct for your Google My Business (GMB). If your information is done set up correctly, then Google will not match your website to your GMB account. The NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) all needs to be in the header/footer with the correct schema.


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STEP 2: Fixing issues from SEO Audit

In this step, we will be combing through all the data from your deep SEO audit. This will tell us all the SEO issues your website currently has. After the issues are fixed, you will start to see your ranking improve. A website can rank up from having all their SEO issues resolved.

STEP 3: Filling the Gaps in missing keywords & content
In the final step, we will be doing keyword research for your local and national markets. We will also check your competitors to see what is working and what isn’t. This will provide us with the keywords we know you are missing. Then when we have a complete list of all the keywords, we create the content around them.

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Completed One Time SEO Package

Your rankings will fly high! Without an on-going SEO package, we can’t guarantee you will rank #1. But we can guarantee your rankings will improve. The results are going to vary site by site. But if you follow your Google Search Console, you will see your rankings improve!

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you need this package or another SEO package, check out this page: SEO.