The Importance of Website Design in Michigan

Website Design in Michigan

Here at Midwest Digital Design, we know the importance of web design in Michigan. I have personally been in Michigan my entire life.  I’ve lived in Northern Michigan and now to Sterling Heights.  I really believe that this gives me a very good advantage.  I have a good understanding of all kinds of business, no matter the size.  Every business has a different need for their web design in Michigan.   My goal is to help every business have a professional-looking website that can compete with the biggest brands in the world.  Eighty-eight percent of businesses have fewer than 20 employees crossed the US.  According to, Michigan has 870,301 small businesses in Michigan.  And of those small businesses, they employ 1.8 million people. 

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Why web design is important

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to website design.  It sets the first impression of your business to the consumer.  If the website is not mobile-friendly, this will cause them to leave the website.  If the site looks outdated, doesn’t load fast enough, or can’t find what they are looking for will all lead to the same conclusion.   Think of how important first impressions are to you to a new potential client, the website is the exact same thing to every visitor. 


The website design has a huge impact on how easy it is for your consumers to find what they are looking for.  Studies show that 86% of your visitors want to see your services or products.  65% are looking for your contact information, and 52% are looking for the about page for your business.  By not having a good design making these items easy to find will frustrate your consumer and more than likely leave.


The navigation of the website is a very crucial part of website design.  There have been studies done that explain the more choices you give, the longer it takes to decide.  So when it comes to the navigation of the website, you want to keep it simple.  The fewer options you give, the more likely they will go where you want them to go.


With good website design, you can lead the consumer where ever you want them to go.  There are a lot of things that matter when it comes to conversions, but a good website designer can keep the consumer’s attention and lead them to the path to becoming a customer. 

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Web Design matters for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This is how well your website ranks on the SERP (search engine results page).  If you have a very poor website design that causes the consumer to leave, this will cause your website to be ranked lower.  Having a professional website design will convert your consumers into customers.  Also by converting consumers to customers, they will be staying on your website longer, which will help your SERP ranking!  Having a properly designed website will tell your consumers that they can trust your brand, and give them a feeling of confidence with your website and brand.

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It also builds trust with your consumer

I’m sure you have seen some very poorly designed websites.  And when you saw those sites, I’m sure you did not feel comfortable and confident being on that site, let alone making a purchase.  Having your consumer and customers trust is a very important role in the website for your business.  When you have the trust of the consumer, they will be a lot more likely to tell their friends about the site, share it with their family, or even promote your business for you.  You will never get a recommendation for a poorly designed website. 

In conclusion

Web Design in Michigan is very important in a lot of different aspects.  If you want your customers to take your business seriously, then you should your website for your business seriously.

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