How Social Media Marketing can DOUBLE your business in 2020.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising & Marketing Agency in Michigan can build your business more than most business owners think.  You can use social media to find and grow your targeted audience.  Then you can use that audience targeted to run ads against them.  You can also ask your customers direct questions that can also help grow your business.  For example, if you owned a restaurant, you could ask your customers what their favorite meal is, and there least favorite meal.  Then you can remove their least favorite and save on food costs.  Furthermore, you can take their favorite meal and run specials to bring in more customers. 

social media platforms on mobile
social media platforms on mobile

Just something to think about… In the last quarter of 2019, Facebook’s ad revenue was approximately   $16.6 billion dollars.  For businesses to invest that amount of money they are gaining it back moreover.  Now let’s dive deeper into what I said earlier to give you a better understanding of how it works..

Social Media Marketing can find and grow your Target Audience

Using things like Facebook and Instagram can find your local customer. You can also use Twitter and follow the hashtag for identifiers for a local community or event. There are hashtags for so many local things like local landmarks, local businesses, event venues, museums, local fairs, parades, community events, and even the city name.

 By seeing who is consuming your content you can continue to target those specific demographic you can keep building your social media profile.  By growing your social media with your local consumers you will be able to find out so much information about your customer, and this will help you in so many ways. 

After you have your audience

Once you have a good amount of followers on your social media pages, you will be able to target them with ads.  Since you have been monitoring them you will be able to see what content they are interested in.  This will help in creating ads that convert to your specific audience.  By seeing which posts intrigued your consumers the most, then you can turn that into an ad, and target them directly.

It is also great for driving traffic to your custom website.  Having more traffic to your website, no matter the industry is always a great thing. SEO is another way to drive traffic, check out this post about On-Page SEO. It helps give google the social signals that your website should be ranking higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  Furthermore, with the analytics from your website, you can tell how well your website is converting your consumers into customers. 

It also brings conversations together.  Having your targeted audience communicating with each other is great to find free content for either your website or on social media. 

social media facebook
social media platform – facebook

Which Social Media Platform is best for you

Each platform is different for different things.  Every single person has a different mindset on each platform and that is something that you need to research and be aware of.  There are so many social media marketing platforms that you can easily find which the best is for you and your customers.  Your best bet would be to research and find out how to speak correctly on each platform, then test the market.  After doing some testing, figure out which platform is best for you and the customer.  Then you can test the content of that market. 

people holding their phones on social media

I know it seems like a lot of work, but in the end, it will pay off.  You will have your targeted audience and a good understand of what kind of content they respond to.  Everyone will be waiting for your next piece of content and it will give you control of your targeted audience on social media!