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46% of Google searches are for local businesses

When people conduct searches through Google, 46% of them look for a local business.

You could make the best cup of coffee or the best sneaker, but if nobody knows your business exists, you will not success.

Here at MidWest Digital Designs, we we specialize in helping small businesses with their advertising and marketing.

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If you want customers to reach you or buy your product, you need to promote your business in a way that gets your website to rank in the top search results. Google, for example, looks at hundreds of indicators to determine which and where it puts a website in its search results, from top image placement to the number of links from other websites.

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In today’s digital marketing in Michigan landscape, it’s clear that if you want to keep up with your competitors and stay ahead, you need to know a lot more about them, their products and services, and even more about their customers.

However, with more and more online businesses coming in and out of the market with growing needs for online presence, SEO in Michigan is becoming an increasingly challenging but lucrative and valuable aspect of marketing that’s critical to maintaining the growth of business and their operation.

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Email marketing still works! You could be missing out on so much!

Getting to the front page for any search term is obviously difficult, but even harder is it be in the top three positions, accounting for 80% of organic traffic. Those who have achieved these rankings, however, do so by using SEO and if the key-phrase it a regional company, service, or product, then by employing local SEO.

Local SEO, in essence, is central to business success online which they can achieve by delivering quality content, building relationship while keeping their website aligned with necessary Local SEO best practices.

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At MidWest Digital Designs, we work with game-changing brands, start-ups, and small businesses alive. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, MidWest Digital Designs offers the professionally crafted proposals that will take you to the next level.

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MidWest Digital Designs being a customer-oriented digital marketing agency in Michigan and understanding the need for online businesses to expand their digital marketing reach, offers a range of affordable Local SEO Packages that combines customer-driven content with our expert knowledge local SEO link building aimed at improving your local search listings. Our objective is to provide you with high-quality service and with the same level of accuracy and value in your local SEO listings to help grow your business for the long term, so that you can be on a more financially secure footing and achieve more success.

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The purpose of both advertising and marketing technique is to help improve your website’s ranking on the search engine results pages to achieve more organic traffic, better leads, and hence more sales.

However, there is a fundamental difference, especially with regard to local SEO, which is primarily employed to help any business get better search engine results within a local search territory and for a local search term.

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Your companies making investments in marketing and advertising is a much better digital marketing approach than traditional SEO, as it’s likely to be less competitive and requires less upfront investment, which will eventually yield improved sales and ROI.